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Robbins will contain everything necessary for the AP Board Examination. Chapters 27 & 28 are focused on NP.

The "WHO Blue Book" is the reference above all others for the diagnosis and grading of tumors of the CNS. It contains the consensus diagnostic and grading criteria promulgated by the top neuropathologists around the world. In the neuropathology community, the "WHO CNS Blue Book" enjoys a more prestigious status than do the other WHO blue books within the surgical pathology domain.

Rosai (Chapter 28) has everything that a Surgical Pathologist needs to know to do community practice surgical neuropathology.

This is probably the best general reference neuropathology textbook, although that is an arguable point. The pictures and illustrations are excellent, the language is generally clear, and most subjects are covered in adequate depth, without unnecessary obscurity.

A slightly more informative reference than Robbins, especially aimed at Surgical Pathologists.

This is an excellent text covering the full range of entities likely to be encountered in surgical neuropathology, edited by two of the very best neuropathologists around.


This is the neuropathology teaching site for the University of Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED) and is curated by neuropathologist Dr. Dimitri Agamanolis. It is a well-organized and complete Internet-based neuropathology teaching resource with up to date text and excellent images. This site is highly recommended.

This site is a complete and exhaustive pathology teaching and learning site produced by Mercer University School of Medicine and hosted at the University of Utah Health Sciences Library. The neuropathology sections are excellent, with a level of complexity comparable to Robbins' text, but with more images.


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