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Updated: Aug 16, 2018


  • Gynecomastia simply refers to an increased amount of breast tissue in a male

  • Uncommon condition.

  • A minority of cases are associated with BRCA2 mutation.

Clinical picture

1. Young boy with enlarged breasts (can be unilateral).

  • May be idiopathic & resolve spontaneously. Some require surgery

2. Old man with enlarged breasts

  • Due to high estrogen levels:

  1. Cirrhosis (decreased hepatic clearance of estrogen)

  2. Some drugs

  3. Klinefelter syndrome (XXY)

  4. Leydig cell tumor of testis

3. Other

  • Can be seen in hyperthyroidism, prolactinomas, or AIDS patients on HAART therapy


  • Abundant collagenous dense stroma with only small ductular tissue with loss of lobular units

    • End ducts without lobules

    • Can have well or poorly defined borders

    • Can see ductal epithelial hyperplasia or prominent periductular edema

      • looks similar to desmoplastic stromal reaction or pseudoangiomatous stromal hyperplasia

Sign Out

Breast, [Right/Left], mammoplasty:

- Benign breast tissue, (weight) g.


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