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How to Create High Yield Pathology Flashcards

For those that have agreed to collaborate and create high yield flashcards, I want to start off by saying THANK YOU! Seriously, thank you so much for contributing and wanting to share your love of pathology with others. 


It is amazing how much more one can learn during the creation process knowing that your end-product will be shared with & viewed by others. I speak on behalf of myself and everyone else when I say that your hard work and efforts are certainly appreciated!

In the tutorial below, I provide a few tips on how to create a "good" flashcard/ "infographic". I also go over many tips and tricks to using Google slides, including how to modify the templates I have created, and how to take H&E photos from the comfort of your home (without needing a camera or a microscope).

Do you want to use my templates?

It is a shame to see so many people in the world today being so cut-throat.

However, as I'm sure you can imagine, creating templates like these took some time.

As such, I would like to limit their use to only collaborators on this project.


However, the "buy-in" is not asking for much.

I will give you complete access to these templates

if you agree to share your finished product with me

and allow it to be posted on this website so that others can also benefit.

To become a collaborator and gain access to these templates, please request access to the google doc by clicking on this link, or email me at Please include the email address associated with your Google account (which is required to edit these documents).

I will try to give access within 1 day. However, if you have any difficulties

or if I missed your request, please reach out to me again.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out. I welcome your feedback!'

Thanks again for your generosity!

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