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A high yield review of



Tiffany M. Graham, M.D.

(4th year Pathology Resident)

So I am trying something new... In the process of studying for the boards, I take my own notes using Google Docs or Google Slides. Much of my notes are derived from the Osler Pathology Review videos/notes, from CAP PIP Case studies, ExpertPath, LibrePathology and Pathology Outlines. As I have limited time to maintain this website, twitter and study for the boards, I am going to simply allow read-only access to my original study document. Please note that the document is a running draft and may change significantly from the last time you viewed it via this website. I will try to post the "last updated date" on each document for your reference. While I try to make sure to credit any reference source throughout the document, a complete list of references can be found at the bottom. 

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