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A high yield review of



Tiffany M. Graham, M.D.

(4th year Pathology Resident)

So I am trying something new... In the process of studying for the boards, I take my own notes using Google Docs or Google Slides. Much of my notes are derived from the Osler Pathology Review videos/notes, from CAP PIP Case studies, ExpertPath, LibrePathology and Pathology Outlines. As I have limited time to maintain this website, twitter and study for the boards, I am going to simply allow read-only access to my original study document. Please note that the document is a running draft and may change significantly from the last time you viewed it via this website. I will try to post the "last updated date" on each document for your reference. While I try to make sure to credit any reference source throughout the document, a complete list of references can be found at the bottom. 

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These posts contain high yield information collected from various educational resources including textbooks, journal articles, educational websites and more. They are intended for educational use only and should NOT be taken as medical advice. I strongly believe the spreading of knowledge and depth of learned information should be encouraged in today's society rather than coveted. Membership is required to view these posts  and should be used solely for educational purposes only.