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A brief note...

So I am trying something new... In the process of studying for the American Board of Pathology AP/CP Pathology Board Exams, I take my own notes using Google Docs or Google Slides. Much of these are derived from the Osler Pathology Review videos/notes, from CAP PIP Case studies, ExpertPath, LibrePathology, Pathology Outlines and various reference textbooks.


As I have limited time to maintain this website, post to twitter AND study for the boards, I am going to simply allow read-only access to my original study documents. Please note that the document is a running draft and may change significantly from the last time you viewed it via this website. (In fact, you may even catch me in the act of viewing/editing the document if we happen to be studying at the same time... Please don't laugh at my OCD tendencies as I go through the formatting process, haha). I will try to post the "last updated date" on each document for your reference. While I make a strong effort to credit any reference source throughout the document, a complete list of references can be found at the bottom.

You can access my notes by clicking on a notebook below. Membership (free) is required to view these notes. By accessing this content, you acknowledge that you are viewing the notes/study material that I created while studying for the Pathology Board exams. The content was adapted from various resources and should be used for educational purposes only. This is NOT medical advice. There may be errors present. If you notice them, please let me know and I shall fix it. 

I hope you find these helpful! Thanks again for the tremendous amount of support. I appreciate any feedback. If you find any errors, have concerns with citations, or simply want to reach out, please contact me at  

Happy Studying!

Tiffany's Board Study Notes

More Coming Soon!

Tiffay M. Graham, M.D.
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I want to thank each and every one of you that have provided such awesome feedback and kind words regarding this website and my study notes. I am glad that you find it useful in your pathology endeavors.


Due to the overwhelming response from people stating that I should sell my notes, I have started accepting donations. If you feel that you greatly benefited from this and want to show your appreciation, please click the donate button below (PayPal link opens in a new window).


Thanks again for your support!

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