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Journal Shout Out: Surgical Pathology Clinics

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

If you haven't already discovered the "Surgical Pathology Clinics" journal, I highly recommend you stop what you are doing and go discover this bad boy right NOW!

They have very well constructed reviews of each and every organ system. I particularly like that, as a resident or fellow, it is easy to follow along as they break it down to the basics and provide crisp gross images, histologic examples, and plenty of review tables/boxes. Seriously, it has some of the best review/overview articles for the clinical side of pathology I have read (aka without all the basic science biochemical details and testing nitty gritty stuff). Just to clarify, I come from a Biochemistry I'm not discounting the research side of pathology at all, but when it comes to sitting at the scope, I like the practical info.

In each “magazine”, they focus on a different sub-specialty within surgical pathology and they contain very easy to read, practical and relevant information for residents. Not be a biased GI path fellow or anything, but I think every pathology resident (or anyone who will ever gross or sign out a colon cancer case at some point in their career- *cough*EVERYONE*cough*) should read this article by Dr. Rhonda K. Yantiss, "Persistent Problems in Colorectal Cancer Reporting".

The above article has a TON of great pictures of what to look for when you are at the grossing bench and histology images/clues for when you are at the scope.

Another great one to check out is this one on Lymphoproliferative diseass of the gut.

If you are at an institution that has access to Clinical Key, you may be able to access this journal for FREE. Otherwise, the subscription costs a pretty penny (not so good for a broke-as-a-joke medical student, resident, or fellow). They do offer a discount to residents once you prove you are enrolled in a program by sending in a picture of your ID or dean's stamp of approval letter... womp womp!

I'll be going over a few of their "high yield" tips in upcoming posts. I just wanted to share the news about this lovely journal now so you could get a jump-start on it.

You are welcome!


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